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A special introductory offer to tai chi chuan

Yang style tai chi has been practised for over 200 years through six generations of masters. It can be practised by anyone regardless of age and can accommodate all levels of health and fitness. At higher levels it is a powerful martial art

Bonsai Tai Chi is pleased to offer an introductory discount for six weeks, (six weeks for the normal four week rate of £40.) It will give students the fundamentals of the art and prepare them for the more intensive training required to develop tai chi to its full potential.

The six weeks includes learning:

 Yang style long form (1st part)

The dedicated exercise system

Tai chi principles and concepts

The principles of Qi Gung

Basic self defence concepts

The six weeks will introduce students to the Yang style tai chi form as well as the principles and concepts. It will cover all aspects of tai chi chuan including the special set of warm-up exercises, qi gung and elementary self defence techniques using softness rather than physical strength



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