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Yang style tai chi has been practised for over 200 years through several generations of masters. It can be practised by anyone regardless of age and can accommodate all levels of health and fitness. At higher levels it is a powerful martial art

This is 'The Great Ultimate', the ancient art of tai chi chuan. By its holistic approach  it teaches you to balance your life, it improves your fitness and  helps you to be calm and confident. With regular practice you will discover your inner strength and develop an overall feeling of well being.

Our classes are friendly and we take a pretty straightforward approach to teaching. The group is of mixed ability and age, with more advanced students happy to help newcomers.



New students benefit from a free first lesson which serves as an introduction and shows them the scope of tai chi. Following that, the six week introduction gives them a good grounding in the ‘form’ – the slow movements that  everyone associates with tai chi. This our ‘tool’; the form is where we develop all of the principles and concepts that make tai chi the great system it is.

The object of tai chi is to connect ourselves with ourselves. All of the benefits which you hear about – great exercise, improved balance, better health, lower stress levels and so on – come from the internal aspects. So from the first lesson we work to discover and develop our inner strength, our ‘chi’ or energy.

As far as self defence is concerned – after all tai chi chuan is a martial art – students who wish to can learn how effective a holistic and soft approach can be in this respect.

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