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Learn tai chi at Home. Click here for details about personal training


Corporate tai chi


Need to de-stress executives? Build a team? Focus the workforce?


The Bonsai Tai Chi Academy can offer tailor-made solutions to help you, your staff and, therefore, your business.


Tai chi chuan is a holistic practice and is a well-known de-stressing activity. Through meditation and by using specific exercises as well as the tai chi ‘form’ individuals learn to focus their lives, be more relaxed and handle the stress of daily life.


Practitioners learn to be sensitive to others and develop patience towards people they are dealing with.


We work with both groups and individuals to produce positive results in both work and personal life.


Team building


Tai chi can be, and often is, a solo practice. But when a group works together the discipline of moving in unison creates a bond that carries on outside the training situation.


One of the goals of tai chi is to harmonise the body so that everything works together. In the same way group practice can integrate individuals and get them working together as a team.


We can build a two-day workshop programme designed to get your team working together and help them focus on their corporate goals.


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