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Since I started practising tai chi I have kept an occasional journal recording my progress, talking about people I have met, and generally noting my observations and, some times, theories about the art.

Much of what I have written is private and much more, I suspect, is just rubbish. Since I started this website I have been recording my observations on the site as well. These are just my observations. I am not claiming any great or profound insight. If any of it helps you on your own tai chi journey I am pleased. If you just find what I have to say interesting that is enough.

Tai chi is yours

The tai chi you practise is yours. It is not your instructor’s; it does not belong to any particular master.

Go to your classes, not to be taught but to learn.

Be aware of what you are doing.

* When you do chi-gung (or meditate) be aware of where you are, your surroundings, and be aware of who you are.

*When you do the form focus all around, not just in front.

*Use your yi when you move, not just in front but behind even if it is just your shoulder moving back.


Above all, make tai chi work for you. Take from it what you want but at the same time don’t be afraid to change your direction.

It is, after all, your tai chi.

In tai chi we say that four ounces can move 1,000 pounds. 

How is this possible? Well tai chi does not rely on muscle power. We work to build our internal strength and to use other people’s energy against them. It’s the lazy guy’s kung fu; you let the other person do the work. You know the old saying ‘the bigger they come the harder they fall’? Well that’s the way it is with tai chi.

I’m not saying we have a secret formula to make your weight training easier but if you want to know how it works come along to a tai chi class and find out.

Are you one-in-a-thousand?







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